Monday, February 18, 2019

BALL Watch Powerbank - Corporate Gift, A Review

My friendly dealer was nice enough to give me a gift of a BALL Watch Powerbank when I visited his shop just the other day. This item was some of the corporate gift that BALL Watch gave away to visitors to their exhibition a few weeks ago.

The Powerbank has a 5,000 mAh capacity. Its dimensions are 12.9 cm in length, 6.7 cm in width and 0.9 cm in thickness. All black plastic construction with the brand, logo and corporate motto printed at the bottom of the Powerbank in luminous paint.

Apart from the Powerbank , it also comes with a short charging wire and a small silver colored pouch. Unfortunately, there wasn't any instruction manual that came with the package. Should not be hard to decipher.

The point where the charging wire hooks up to the Powerbank is found on the side. At the top edge of the Powerbank , you can pull off a long tab that reveals a number of different connection points for you to access the power of the Powerbank.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Citizen BN0211-50E Promaster Tough Eco Drive Black Dial Bracelet Watch - Simplicity Is Its Beauty, A Review (plus Video)

Any watch collector will have something to say about quartz watches. All would say that accuracy for quartz powered watches surpasses mechanical timepieces. Unfortunately, a lot of them also will shy away from acquiring a quartz watch due to the prevailing negative perception vis-a-vis a mechanical timepiece. Although I officially don't have such a bias view against quartz watches, the watches I acquire over the years appears to show a high degree of leaning towards mechanical timepieces. After looking at the facts and some soul searching, I came to the conclusion that my historical acquisition trail has been influenced by reviews and comments from other watch collectors.

I realised that my worldview is a reflection of the collective wants of all the watch collectors that are sharing their dreams about this hobby online. Unfortunately, this is not what I want in the hobby. For me, it is all about the design, technology and a watch's position on the evolutionary tree of watches. In the last year or so, I have started to become more inclusive and started to look further into the quartz world.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Buy/Sell Recommendation: Invicta 3045 Grand Diver - PASS

I did a review on the Invicta 3045 Grand Diver back in October 2013. To read the full review, please click here:

Below is a video of the watch on my wrist. After considering the positives and negatives of the watch, I recommend that this watch is a PASS.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Seiko Prospex Scuba Tank USB Flash Drive Keychain - A Useful Toy, A Review

Recently, Thong Sia Sdn Bhd, the master distributor of Seiko watches in Malaysian and Brunei Darussalam recently held a competition for buyers of the Prospex lines of watches. This competition is part of the #SaveTheOcean campaign initiated by Seiko.

The competition is opened to customers of Prospex watches. For every purchase from now until March 2019, you have the opportunity to register the purchase and be entitled for a lucky draw of some very interesting prizes. I particularly like the third prize which consist of a one-day pilot flying experience.

Anyway, I was able to put in a couple of entries and within a month, I suddenly got this package.

Registering was a bit of an issue. One of the watches that qualify for entry was my limited edition SLA019. Registering via internet, one of the questions required was the serial number. Due to the fact that the SLA has a 4 digit number (limited edition to 1,968 pieces), the system cannot recognise the number and immediately shoots out an error message. I finally gave up and didn't expect Thong Sia to register my entry. However, with this package from them, it would appear I did get in.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Invicta All Black Eight (8) Slots Impact Watch Box - Bulky but Safe, A Review

I actually bought this high impact watch box via Amazon a number of years ago. However, I just realised that I have not written a review about it. To rectify this, I present to you a complete review of the Invicta All Black 8 Slots watch box for your reading pleasure.

You can find this product listed on Amazon. Made out of high-impact plastic, it has a very strong resemblance to a Pelican case. The case in black with a foam interior with 8 removable cushions capable of handling extremely large watches. It is impact resistant and dust-proof. It weighs around 5 pounds. Height is approximately 6-3/4 inches, depth around 12-1/2 inches with a width of 15-1/2 inches.

In a normal watch box, the size could allow Invicta to allocate at least 12 slots. However, the slots are more generously proportion than normal with the height, depth and width of 2-3/8 inches, 3-1/2 inches and 2-1/2 inches, respectively.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Buy/Sell Recommendation: Seiko Prospex Landmaster Spring Drive SBDB005 - BUY

I did a review on the Seiko Prospex Landmaster Spring Drive SBDB005 back in October 2013. To read the full review, please click here:

Below is a video of the watch on my wrist. After considering the positives and negatives of the watch, I recommend that this watch is a BUY.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST DM3000A-SCJ-BK - Highly Capable Swiss Extreme Diver Watch, A Review (plus Video)

This is my second BALL watch for the collection. The first was the BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT Reference DG2016A-SC-BK. A real hunk of a watch, well protected like a tank and a bright spark in the dark. This second piece is even hunkier with a body designed to be 10 times stronger than the AeroGMT. The BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST with reference DM3000A-SCJ-BK is currently the brand's ultimate dive watch with a rated diving limit of 3,000 meters or 9,850 feet!

The technology that goes into the design and manufacturing of extreme dive watches have fascinated me ever since I started this hobby. Although I doubt that I will ever be in a position to use the capabilities of such dive watches, the desire to wear such watch is strong. To make something small immensely strong against external pressures is remarkable and this factor is what appeals to me.

The BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST is a simple 3-hand watch with a date function. However, its design and manufacturing incorporates a number of cutting-edge technology developed by the BALL Watch company. BALL states quite a number of their own in-house technologies but for the DeepQUEST, the following are the notable ones used.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Head-to-Head: Seiko Prospex 300m SLA019J1 Deep Forest versus Seiko 300MM SBDX001 Marinemaster

I am happy to note that I have the original 300m Marinemaster or 300MM, SBDX001 (on the left of the photo below) in the collection as well as the latest SLA019, The 1968 Automatic Diver's Commemorative Limited Edition (on the right of the photo below).

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Buy/Sell Recommendation: Orient Star GMT Reference DJ00001B - PASS

I did a review on the Orient Star GMT Reference DJ00001B back in October 2013. To read the full review, please click here:

Below is a video of the watch on my wrist. After considering the positives and negatives of the watch, I recommend that this watch is a PASS. Unfortunately, the negatives aspects drowns the positives of the watch.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Seiko Yellow Digital Wall/Mantlepiece Clock QHL073Y - Fashionably Quirky, A Review

A few months ago I bought a cute digital desk clock by Seiko in collaboration with Coca-Cola (see the review here). A larger model which you can also hang on the wall is now available and I was able to get one. The QHL073Y is bright yellow and looks very much like the clock at the end of the finishing line at an Olympic athletics sports event.

The rectangle digital clock is larger than the standard you get and put on your bedside table. It is 125 mm tall and 50 mm thick. From left to right it measures 290 mm and weighs in at 510 gm. Half the front surface of the clock is taken up by the LCD screen while the other half is left empty except for the large print of the brand in black. The clock casing is painted yellow and made out of plastic.

The clock comes in two operate pieces. One consists of the clock itself while the other is the metal legs. The metal legs slots into two slits cut into the clock at the back.

The clock is powered by two AA batteries. It also comes with a DC jack input minus the plug and wires (sold separately) . The functionality of the watch is rather simple. Apart for the time and calendar, it has a countdown module which can be turned on or off.
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