Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grand Seiko Watch Display Stands

A watch shop I frequent go had an extensive renovation recently. After the project was completed, they had a few display stands they wanted to get rid off. I took them instead for free. Both are branded Grand Seiko.

One is a solid metal Grand Seiko watch stand with the brand on a gold painted plate. This style is suited for both bracelet and strap watches.

The other is watch rest with the brand printed in gold paint. This style is suited for strap watches.

I don't think Grand Seiko sells these things on the open market. Quite happy to get them actually.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Orient FDD03003Y0 Monarch Mechanical Watch (similar to: FDD03001W0 & FDD03002B0) - A Delightfully Cheap and Impressive Dress Watch, A Review (plus Video)

I have been eyeing the Orient Monarch series of watches for a number of years. Introduced in late 2015, the vintage-inspired watch was an addition to Orient's already extensive dress watch repertoire.  However, there is a slight twist in that it is powered by a mechanical winding only engine. Coupled with a domed crystal, old font markings and power reserve indicator, the watch has that old-school appeal reminiscent of the dress watches of the pre-war era.

Unfortunately, the pricing in Malaysia is rather too rich when compared to prices from internet merchants. The MSRP in Malaysia is RM1,350.00 (with GST). The best discount I could find was RM945.00. Instead,  I was able to get via Amazon.com an example for just USD193.12 (or RM 814.31) inclusive of courier and import taxes. Aramex is the courier used.

There are three examples in the Monarch line; the white dial reference FDD03003Y0, the black dial reference FDD03002B0 and the gold plated casing reference FDD03001W0. Out of the three, my favourite is the white dial and stainless steel casing FDD03003Y0. This is the example that I bought through Amazon.com.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Casio G-Shock GW-M5610BC-1JF JDM Multi Band 6 with Bracelet - A Cornerstone for Any Collector, A Review (plus Video)

Casio produces a number of G-Shock watches only for sale to the Japanese domestic market (JDM). This list of JDM G-Shocks focuses on the 5000-series such as the common DW-5600 and the GW-M5610 models.

I currently have only one G-Shock in the collection (although I listed two on this blog, the G5600-1DR is technically my son's). That is the extra-large GX-56BB-1DR which has some drawbacks due primarily to its size. Although it is a serious tool watch, it does not have the flexibility like its smaller brother, the 5600 series. Its brute bulk is its call to fame.

I need to get a 5600 series model into the collection to experience the additional flexibility of the much smaller and practical classic G-Shock. After doing my research, I decided to get one with a composite bracelet instead of the traditional resin band (like my son's). This particular model I chose has the same style of display like the big brother i.e. a reverse display - white display with black background.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Seiko Prospex Watch Landmaster 25th Anniversary Limited Titanium Model SBEJ003 (similar to SBEJ001) - Design flaw & QC issues, A Review (plus Video)

For 2018, Seiko announced a release of a new model under the Landmaster icon, part of the Prospex series of watches. It was announced to the market just prior to Baselworld 2018. The release consists of two models, the SBEJ001 and SBEJ003. The former is the standard production model and the latter is a limited edition piece of just 500 examples. Both watches were designed to celebrate the silver jubilee or 25th anniversary of the first Landmaster.

The original Landmaster issued in 1993. It was first conceived by the legendary Seiko designer; Mr. Ikuo Tokunaga. That watch, the SBBW005 uses the AGS system (Caliber 5M23), a precursor of the Kinetic system (this system essentially converts kinetic movement into electrical energy). It had 3 days of power reserve with Day and Date as well as a power reserve indicator that doubles up as the seconds hand. Its uniqueness is having a set of emergency signal codes printed on the inner chapter ring. Apart from the compass bezel, the crown is located at the typical 3 o'clock position and a pusher at 2 o'clock to control the power reserve indicator. However, this iteration only lasted for a year before a new Landmaster, the SBCW001 was issued in 1994 that also included an additional GMT hand but minus the day function.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Seiko 5 Automatic Men Watch SNKK87 - The Cheapest of the Seiko White Knights, A Review (plus Video)

By now you would have guessed that I love white dialed watches. One of my themes for my watch collection is the Seiko White Knights series – these are Seiko watches with white dial (or part thereof), round casing, automatic or hybrid (powered by rotor), three hands, crown at 3 o’clock and paired with a bracelet. With this SNKK87, I will have five under this grouping.

This time around I decided to search via eBay. I found a seller out of Singapore and I promptly made the necessary payment. Payment was made on 9 April 2018 for RM346.67. The package arrived via normal Airmail on 23 April 2018.
The SNKK87 model came out in 2013. It has a case diameter of 38.0 mm without the crown and 40.5 mm with the crown. Thickness is 10.5 mm. Lug width is 20.0 mm and the lug-to-lug length is 43.0 mm. The watch is made out of 316L stainless steel with polished and brushed surfaces. It comes with a display case-back. Both the dial window and the case-back window are made out of Hardlex crystal. Paired with a stainless steel bracelet, the whole watch weighs in at slightly less than 100 grams.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Orient Triton RA-EL0002L Blue Diver – Good Size but Bracelet Sucks, A Review (plus Videos)

I was rather sad when news came out that Orient has decided to end its M-Force series. This series was Orient’s specialized heavy duty sport and diver watch line. The watches under this series are large and designed like bunkers. The bulky dimensions are necessary so as to be able to pack a lot of features in them. For a start, the M-Force series is one of the few series of watches in the world which are ISO-compliant in three standards: diving (ISO 6425), anti-magnetism (ISO 764) and shock-resistance (ISO 1413).

Unfortunately, the size is a factor that put a lot of people off from owning an M-Force. There appears to be a gradual shift in fashion where interest in 40++ mm diameter watches is waning. Due to practical reasons, people are starting to re-focus their sights on watches in the 40± mm size category. Orient has realized this shift and has taken steps to ensure they have the capacity to deliver what is demanded by the market.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Seiko Spirit Automatic SARB035 JDM – The White Knights of Seiko, A Review (plus Video)

My interest in dress or formal watches continues unabated. Today I was able to get another of the famous White Knights of Seiko, the Seiko Spirit SARB035. This design is not new. It was first made available back in 2009 under Seiko’s Spirit line. This is a line of formal dress watches less complex than the Premier line. As opposed to other models in the Spirit line, the SARB035 is completely mechanical. This is also a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) model i.e. made in Japan and sold only for the Japanese market.

Seiko is one watch brand that is synonymous with value-for-money timepieces at every price range. I have to declare up-front that I am one of the many Seikonistas that follow the brand closely and with a passion. Having said that, I do try to be objective but I guess, the readers will be the judge of that.

The SARB035 is an in-house made timepiece that is priced at YEN45,000 (MSRP in Japan). Made out of polished and brushed stainless steel, the watch casing has a diameter of 38.0 mm. It has a thickness of 11.2 mm and its lug-to-lug width is 45.0 mm. Lug width is 20.0 mm. The watch casing is paired with a stainless steel bracelet that starts at 20.0 mm at the lugs and tapers to 18.0 mm at the clasp. The clasp is signed and secured with a button lock.

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