Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Glycine Airman SST 43 GMT Automatic Black Reference GL0311 (similar to GL0309, GL0310, GL0312, GL0313, GL0314 & GL0315) - A Touch of Nostalgia and Coolness, A Review (plus Video)

This is the second Glycine example in the collection. The first was the Glycine Combat 6 Vintage GL0122 which I got in May 2019. That particular Glycine is from the Combat range. The second Glycine is also a vintage inspired design. The historic Glycine SST collection is one of the most coveted vintage timepieces by the brand and Glycine has decided to relaunch it with some modern improvements. This particular timepiece is from the Airman range.
The Glycine SST GMT series was officially launched in 2021. It was listed on Gnomon Watches Singapore then but I did not get it as there were other priorities and the price was rather on the high side. It was only during the Christmas season of 2023 that Gnomon Watches Singapore had a special seasonal discount that it became feasible acquisition for me.

With an offering of a 17.1% discount from MSRP, I quickly put in an order. The model I got is the Glycine Airman SST 43 GMT Automatic Black GL0311. Typical of Gnomon Watches Singapore packaging service, I received the package four days later.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Citizen Promaster Tough Super Titaniun Eco-Drive Green BN0241-59W (similar to BN0241-59H) - The Ultimate Universal Watch and a Good Buy, A Review (plus Video)

The Citizen Promaster is the series of watches from the brand designed for sports and the outdoors. Under this series there is a sub-series that has the designation of "Tough" which has the capacity to absorb even more rough usage. I already have in the collection the the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Tough Black Dial Bracelet Watch BN0211-50E and the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Tough Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch CA0720-54H. Today, I was able to add another member of the 'Tough' family into the collection; the Citizen Promaster Tough Super Titaniun Eco-Drive Green BN0241-59W.

I must say that this new model is a true titanium watch. Although the previous two are also deemed to be made out of 'Super Titanium', in truth, the base material is stainless steel with a thin covering of titanium alloy. Hence, their weight does not reflect a watch that is titanium based.

I got this watch from my trusty dealer, Aiman. Through his sources, he was able to not only procure one from the brand but also offered it to me with a good discount.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Citizen Series 8 880 Mechanical GMT NB6031-56E (Similar to NB6030-59L & NB6032-53P) - Has Wrist Presence, A Review (plus Video)

It was in June 2023 when Citizen announced a new series under the Series 8 line. This new sub-group is designated the '880'. I already have the NB6010-81E under the 831 sub-grouping. For this new sub-group, Citizen is introducing a new automatic movement, the Caliber 9054, that has a GMT complication. What is more importantly, the series is catered as a field watch instead of a dress watch of the previous Series 8 lines (831, 830 and 870).

The new design is very refreshing and incorporate a lot of key designs that helped the Promaster line (a range under Citizen) become famous. The addition of a timing bezel as well as a GMT complication increased the functionality immensely. 

Personally, I love the watch due to the integrated bracelet design. It looks elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, it is not often that Citizen comes out with an automatic watch powered with a new movement. In this case, the Caliber 9054 with the GMT function is new to the collection and I am quite excited to review this watch.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Revelot R10 Admiral GMT Army Steel Green - Handsome and Very Capable Watch, A Review (plus Video)

This is my third Revelot watch. I got the R12 and the R11 in the collection. The R10 Admiral GMT is the third diver from the brand but with many firsts. The addition of the GMT complication as well as a new bracelet design with a special micro-adjustment system in the clasp makes the R10 a model that I would like to have in the collection.

To be honest, I should try to get a unit via Revelot’s website. It’s cheaper and there are a number of free gifts thrown in a purchase. However, going to a traditional brick-and-mortar shop is so much enjoyable with physical connection and interaction with the dealers. Unfortunately, one need to wait for sometime after the official launch to see a model in-person at the shops.

All my Revelot acquisitions came from Timekeeper in NU Sentral. They usually do not the whole range for sale as the Revelot only consigned models still not sold out from their webstore. If I recalled, there were only five out of the nine models available. Based on what's available, the green dial (R10 Admiral GMT Army Steel) was chosen.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Steinhart Architect Green - My Favorite Design, A Review (plus Video)

The Steinhart Architect Series is the first integrated sports model design released by Steinhart in 2023. It is a homage to the Gerald Genta integrated sports model design of the seventies that has become iconic and evergreen. 

In recent years, I have started to be more interested in formal watches instead of the typical diver or sports watches. The style of formal watches I like is the integrated bracelet design. Currently, I have five such models in the collection. They are The Citizen Series 8 GMT, Yema Wristmaster TravellerIWC Ingenieur IW3236Tissot PRX and Tissot PRX Chronograph.
When I recently saw the model featured on Gnomon Watches Singapore's website, I got the urge to get one. Luck would have it, Gnomon Watches Singapore had a year-end sale promotion which made the deal more affordable.
To be honest, I didn't expect Steinhart to create something formal and looked so similar to one of Gerald Genta's iconic design. The brand has a lot of homages but mostly sports or dive watches. I do tip my hat to Steinhart as this is an area that many people are interested in. 

There are three dial colours to choose from and I decided on the green as it is my favorite colour.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Seiko Prospex LANDMASTER 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SLA071J1 - A Disappointment, A Review (plus Video)

Seiko has loads of series. One of the series that I follow closely is the Landmaster series, a range of watches that caters for adventurers. First introduced in 1993, the series has evolved in interesting ways (to be explained later). I was given the chance to have an exposure to the series when I got the SBDB005 back in 2013 and five years later, the SBEJ003 in 2018. Another 5 years rolled by before the SLA071 was introduced in 2023 which I quickly snapped up.

I must say that the SLA071 is not something that I expected after owning the previous two offerings under the Landmaster series. I sense that the designers in Seiko had a free rein in the design process which may or may not sit well with a number of enthusiasts. 

Personally, I am conflicted somewhat on how I truly feel about this watch. Although it has all the best offerings from Seiko, the combination is something that only a few people can appreciate. More about this later.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer ‘Panda’ 1972 Chronograph Re-interpretation Limited Edition Seiko 100th Anniversary SRQ049J1 (similar to SRQ047J1) - Wears Well and Look Nice, A Review (plus Video)

Seiko's repertoire of iconic designs from its past have been a good source of reference for new launches. For its 100th anniversary, a new watch has being introduced following the same line of the classic 1972 Seiko 6138-8020 Panda Chronograph.

Back in 2019, Seiko launched the Seiko Prospex Automatic Chronograph 50th Anniversary Limited Edition SRQ029J1. This watch was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Caliber 6139. When launched in 1969, it was the world’s first automatic chronograph with a column wheel and vertical clutch. I was lucky to get a unit for the collection, the number 766 out of 1,000 examples.

For the SRQ049J1, I got the number 333 out of 1,000 examples. I also got an additional leather strap with the watch-box.

Although it appears there are a lot of similarities between the newer SRQ049J1 and the older SRQ029J1, there are also some differences. Further into the review, I will go through through the subtle differences in detail.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Seiko Prospex Alpinist GMT Limited Edition SPB409J1 (similar to SPB377J1 & SPB379J1) - A Great Candidate for the ‘Best General Purpose Watch’, A Review (plus Video)

The sub-series Alpinist has been one of my favourites. In the collection, I have the first modern Alpinist, the SARB017, the digital model SBEB013, the modernized SPB117 and a special re-creation, SJE085

For the 110th anniversary of Seiko's first wristwatch, the company launched limited edition timepieces in a number of sub-lines. One of the sub-lines is the Alpinist. This new variant comes with an added twist - a GMT movement while still retaining the DNA that makes the Alpinist famous.

Seiko has been vary prolific in 2023 when it comes to GMT functionality. A number of new models with their new GMT movement was launched throughout the year with a lot of positive feedback. The Alpinist was also given the GMT option.

I decided to get the silver dialed version which is a limited edition design with has a total circulation limit of 3,000 units. I got it from AWG Mid Valley

Monday, January 15, 2024

Wrist Time - Part 2 - There is a clear favorite in the batch

This is the second part of my wrist timing with the collection (see the previous part here). There may be some of the watches where I have yet to published a review. In this batch, my favorite is the PRX.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Tudor Black Bay Pro Watch M79470-0001 (Similar to M79470-0003 and M79470-0002) - The Ultimate Adventure Watch, A Review (plus Video)

I was back in Scotland to send my son to university and to commemorate the occasion I decided to get myself a watch. Originally my target was something else but as luck would have it, my eyes fell on the Tudor Black Bay Pro.

It happens that the Rugby World Cup was on and in one of the British tabloid I was reading there was a full page advertisement featuring the Black Bay Pro as Tudor was the official timekeeper for the games. I was instantly drawn to the watch as it reminded me of one my grail watch, the Rolex Explorer II.

Although this model was launched in 2022, I did not give it much thought as Tudor in Kuala Lumpur was getting as snotty as its bigger brother Rolex. Most watches in the boutique was only for display purposes and if interested, must sign up under a list to wait for a call from Tudor. However, in Scotland, the AD is first class and all models were available. Had a great experience. Got the watch plus a very elegant walnut watch box for six slots. 
This is not my first Tudor. In the collection, I already have a Heritage Black Bay and the Pelagos Titanium. This is the first of the brand that comes with a GMT complication. 


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