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Seiko 5 Sports Stainless Steel Green Dial 'Turtle' SRPB13K1 - Clean Dial Without Clutter, A Review (plus Video)

I saw this interesting deal from Amazon the other day. For just USD144.99 or RM614.22, I could get my hands on the Seiko 5 SRPB13K1. Adding the courier and taxes changer totalling USD39.84 or RM168.77, the SRPB13K1 would be on my desk within 5 days.

In Kuala Lumpur, the MSRP is RM1,166.00 (including GST). The best price I've seen is RM935.00 although I suspect I would be able to get one for RM816.20 (30% discount). Compared to Amazon all in price of RM782.99, I've decided to get one.

The watch is part of the reissue or reinterpretation programme by Seiko on their classic watch models. The 'turtle' frame is a famous series of watches that have a strong following and the SRPB13K1 is specifically made to piggyback on that interest. Other similar reissue or reinterpretation under the 'turtle' series that I currently have are: (1) Open Heart SSA327K1, (2) Green Carbon LE SRPA89K1, (3) Sports Helmet SSA283K1.


As you can see, the current set has some unique particularities that makes them different than the rest of the series. For example the SRPA89K1 has a date complication; the SSA283K1 has a date and a 24-hours sub-dial; and the SSA327K1 has no complications apart from the open heart dial. As for the SRPB13K, the complications is like what one would expect of a Seiko 5 i.e. three hands plus a date and day complication. Also, there are a three different variations in lug design. The SRPA89K1 and SSA283K1 has one style, the SSA327K1 has another style while the SRPB13K1 has a third style.

Made out of brushed stainless steel, it comes in a diameter of 45 mm (excluding the crown) with a lug-to-lug length of 51 mm. Lug width is 22 mm while thickness is 13 mm. The unsigned crown is located at 3 o'clock and utilises the pull/push system. Protecting the dial is a flat Hardlex crystal. The screw-down display case-back is also protected by Hardlex crystal. The watch casing have been water rated to 10 ATM or 100 meters.

As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, the lugs on the SRPB13K1 flares out of the casing unlike the designs on the other 'turtle' re-crafted model. This requires an end-link that is "C" shaped compared to a "D" shaped end-link for the SSA327K1 and a straight shaped end-link for the SSA283K1 (similar for the SRPA89K1).


The colour on the dial is a dark sea green. This is one of my favorite colours. It has a sloping chapter ring with a timing scale. The scale has a combination of Arabic numbers, line and dot indexes for minute markers. Interestingly, on the outside of the scale, an continuous line can be seen starting from 0 minute right to the 45th minute marker. Along this line, the minute markers are line indexes. For minutes 45 to 60, the markers are dot indexes. Not sure why Seiko did that. I cannot see any practical reason for doing so unless perhaps just to be visually pleasing.

There are lot of things going on the main surface of the dial. For a start, there are 3 differentiated time scales. On a polished steel band surrounding the edge of the dial, you can see two sets of markers. The outermost is a 1/20th minute scale while the innermost is a minute scale. Finally, the rectangle hour markers with beveled corners on the long side. Only the 3 o'clock hour marker is different from the rest (shorter) so as to accommodate the day and date aperture which is framed in polished steel. The day and date wheels are black on a white background to help balance the shortened hour marker.

There are seven lines of image and texts on the dial. The upper quadrant has the brand, the Seiko 5 logo as well as the word "SPORTS" in red. The lower quadrant has the words "AUTOMATIC", "24 JEWELS" and "100M" in a visible font size while the 7th line of text, which consists of manufacturing codes, in very small font, is located on the thin polished steel band surrounding the edge of the dial.

This lume shot of the SRPB13K1 was taken from the net. Unfortunately, my attempt at taking one with my watch was a disaster.

The hours and minutes hands are long sword shaped and painted with luminous LumiBrite and framed with polished stainless steel. The seconds hand is needle-like and painted orange. The luminous LumiBrite is also painted on the hour markers. Overall, a sporty dial arrangement that is easy to refer and loads of interesting visual features.

The lugs have pass through pinholes for ease of replacing bracelets. The links on the standard Seiko bracelet are folded steel plates and fused together. You can just see the seams where the plates were folded. For all intents and purposes, the links (apart from the end-links) can be considered solid.

At 22 mm at the lugs, it tapers to down to 20 mm to the fold-over clasp with double safety; button lock and flap lock. The brand is prominently stamp on the surface of the flap lock. There are four micro-adjustment points on the clasp itself and the links are connected using a simple friction pin system.

Through the screw-down display case-back you can see the Seiko automatic 4R36 movement with 24 jewels. It has hand winding and seconds hand stop functions with day and date complications. The day wheel has English and Roman numerals as choices for referencing the day. Operating at 21,600 bph or 3 Hertz, it has a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. Below is a simple instruction from the manual on how to wind as well as adjust the time, day and date.

The Series

The SRPB13K1 is part of a series of 5 models with different dial colours and strap options. These are:

SRPB13K1: Green/Bracelet

SRPB15K1: Blue/Bracelet

SRPB17K1: Red/Bracelet

SRPB19K1: Black/Bracelet

SRPB21K1: Sunburst Blue/Nato Orange

SRPB23K1: Sunburst Grey/Nato Black

All of them look brilliant. I actually don't mind getting any of them (all if possible!). As it stand, I love green more so, the SRP13K1 gets the chance to join the collection.

The Buying Experience

Amazon have some incredible deals. This is one of them. Even after taking the premium courier service (via DHL), the total all-in costs is still lower than the best offer in Kuala Lumpur. The ability to track the shipment in real time is so cool. I definitely recommend the experience. Overall, it took 5 days for the delivery cycle to complete.

The Wearing Experience

The watch is comfortable to wear on the wrist. Although the watch utilises a short lug design, the lug-to-lug length of 51 mm maybe a bit to big for some as it may cause lug overhang for those with smaller wrist. To minimise such possibility, replacing the bracelet with a nylon or leather strap would keep the watch steadier on the wrist.

The dial is clean and without clutter. The green expanse of dial is mesmerizing and contrast well with the indices and hands.

Below is a video of the watch on my wrist.


For the price asked for, the SRPB13K1 is a bargain. Value for money timepiece. If given the option, I would recommend a change in the bracelet design with a higher degree of tapering.

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  1. Do you usually get taxed buying from Amazon? I'm from Malaysia too.

    1. Amazon will automatically input the estimated tax amount in the final bill. after the item is delivered, Amazon will the refund back if there is anything extra left. however, if the tax is higher, amazon will absorb the difference.


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