Thursday, August 13, 2015

Comparison between various Seiko Prospex divers - Thickness, wearing comfort, etc.

I have decided to see which one of my Seiko Prospex automatic divers would win the best wearable watch for a typical gentleman, subject to certain constraints. The rules are: Each watch will be compared against a stated requirement and a score will be given. No watch shall share the same score in each section. The watch that collates the highest score wins.

The reference factors that a typical gentleman possesses are as follows:
  1. A good proportion of the time of a day is spent in the office, in a formal environment;
  2. The only common sporting activity would be some time on a treadmill or jogging;
  3. The common social event will be meeting up with friends in restaurants, parties, movie theaters and clubs; and
  4. Typical wrist circumference of 7 inches.  
The sections that we will compare the watches will be: (1) weight, (2) bulkiness, (3) comfortableness, and (4) wrist presence.
    The watches competing for this title are:

    (B-Left) Seiko Prospex 200m ‘Baby Tuna’ 4R36 Blue Special Edition Ref SRP653K1;
    (T-Left) Seiko Perspex Marinemaster 1000m Hi-Beat SBEX001G Titanium Limited Edition;
    (Middle) Seiko Marine Master Professional 1000m Automatic Diver SBDX011;
    (T-Right) Seiko Prospex SBDC003 Scuba 200m Blue Sumo;
    (B-Right) Seiko Prospex 300MM SBDX001 Marinemaster.

    Below is a snapshot of the thickness of the watches relative to each other.

    (1) Weight: Made out of stainless steel. There is no official record of its weight from the manufacturer. Unfortunately I don't own a small weighing machine to make the measurement. Nevertheless, despite having a silicone strap, I suspect the weight should be in the region of more than 150 gm.
    Score: 2/5
    (2) Bulkiness: The watch is 50.2 mm across, 18.0 mm at its thickest to just 13.5 mm at its thinness. It has a curve casing that 'wraps' itself around the wrist. Although it slips under shirt cuffs easily, the strap provided is long (to allow it to be used above a diver's suit). For a wrist of 7 inch circumference,  the strap tail would exceed the casing line.
    Score: 2/5
    (3) Comfortableness: The curve casing makes it very sit nicely on a wrist despite the size. Coupled with the smooth and soft silicone strap, keeping it tight is not a problem.
    Score: 4/5
    (4) Wrist presence: The shape of the protective shroud and the colours make it standout.
    Score: 4/5
    (1) Weight: This watch seems to have a disconnect between size and weight. Made out of titanium, it weighs in at 199 grams, including the bracelet. You won't feel tired wearing this watch the whole day despite the size.
    Score: 3/5
    (2) Bulkiness: This watch is 48.2 mm across and at a height of 19.7 mm. Barely manage to fit with formal wear.
    Score: 3/5
    (3) Comfortableness: The titanium material makes it very light and this gives the wearer something more manageable on the wrist. The newly design bracelet also works wonders.
    Score: 3/5
    (4) Wrist presence: Nothing spectacular apart from the size.
    Score: 2/5
    (1) Weight: This watch is also made out of titanium. The lightest relative to the other four watches, it weighs in at just 140 gm.
    Score: 5/5
    (2) Bulkiness: This watch is 52 mm across and a height of 17.4 mm. Apart from the title 'Emperor Tuna" it is also been given the nickname  'puck'. Definitely be difficult to wear with a suit for black-tie function.
    Score: 1/5
    (3) Comfortableness: The standard rubber strap is the most uncomfortable to wear compared to Seiko's latest silicone strap.
    Score: 1/5
    (4) Wrist presence: This watch wins in this category. Once you have it on, you will get noticed.
    Score: 5/5
    (1) Weight: This watch is made out of stainless steel and weighs in at 170 gm.
    Score: 4/5
    (2) Bulkiness: This watch is 44.88 mm across and a height of 13.73 mm. It size makes it the best with formal dressing.
    Score: 5/5
    (3) Comfortableness: By far the most comfortable watch out of the five.
    Score: 5/5
    (4) Wrist presence: The blue dial and bezel catches the eye
    Score: 3/5
    (1) Weight: A monocoque case made out of a solid block of stainless steel, this watch weighs in at 210 gm. By far the heaviest of the divers.
    Score: 1/5
    (2) Bulkiness: This watch is 44 mm across and a height of 14.6 mm. Can be worn properly under a suit.
    Score: 4/5
    (3) Comfortableness: The stainless steel material make this watch to be too heavy for a typical guy.
    Score: 2/5
    (4) Wrist presence: Unfortunately, the most basic of the lot.
    Score: 1/5

    The final score:

    (12/20) = 200m ‘Baby Tuna’ 4R36 Blue Special Edition Ref SRP653K1;

    (11/20) = Marinemaster 1000m Hi-Beat SBEX001G Titanium Limited Edition;

    (12/20) = Marine Master Professional 1000m Automatic Diver SBDX011;

    (17/20) = SBDC003 Scuba 200m Blue Sumo;

    (08/20) = 300MM SBDX001 Marinemaster.

    The SBDC003 Sumo is the best Seiko Prospex Automatic diver that a normal urban gentleman can have. 

    The major surprise is the poor scoring of the 300MM SBDX001. On reflection, it is not difficult to see why.

    Some of its key attributes are known only to watch connoisseurs. The monocoque casing, the 8L35 movement, the design and overall quality relative to other brands in the same category makes it a worthy champion. Watch enthusiasts understand these attributes and would appreciate them accordingly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of watch users out there just want a timepiece that tells time - nothing more, nothing less. The lack of any 'sexy' physical features on the watch reduce its attractiveness to the majority.

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