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Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Finale Limited Edition 100 – The Simplicity of Design, Use of Exotic Material and Rich Colours are Potent Combination that Increases the Perceived Value, A Review (plus Video)

This is the second time this year that I decided to get another watch from Evant Timepieces. This time, the clincher is the material used - marine grade bronze, CuSn8. This bronze alloy is regarded as the industry standard as it can be used in salt water with virtually no signs of corrosion. Moreover, the CuSn8 alloy is the most expensive bronze material due to the high copper content of 92% while the rest is tin. This combination gives the bronze alloy a warm rose gold-like colour. Over time, the watch will start to show signs of patina.

The Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Finale is very much similar to the Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue (see: which I got earlier this year. The only thing differences are the material used for the watch casing, the dial colour and the additional leather straps provided. As such, in this review, I will only cover what is different and the wearing experience. Below is a snapshot of the watch specifications.

Maker: Evant Timepieces

Date: 3 O'clock

Movement: Swiss Made ETA2824-2 Automatic with approximately ~40 hours of power reserve:

Case: Marine grade bronze, CuSn8 in a matte finish

Strap: (1) Black military grade nylon NATO strap; (2) Handmade naturally aged brown leather strap;
(3) Handmade deep black leather strap

Bezel: Marine grade bronze, CuSn8 in a matte finish with ceramic bezel insert. Unidirectional with 120 clicks for full rotation

Luminous: Super-LumiNova C3

Water resistance: 300m

Crown: Screw-down and signed. Made from marine grade bronze, CuSn8. 6.5 mm wide
Crystal: 3 mm domed Sapphire crystal with inner anti-reflective coating

Dial: Gradient Fume Amber with Sunburst with applied gilt luminous indexes

Dimensions: 41 mm in diameter, 20 mm lug width,  48 mm lug to lug, 13 mm thick

To match the colour of the CuSn8 bronze case material, Evant has created a dial that is truly breathtaking. The new gradient fume amber dial with the sunburst finishing couple with the refractive effect of the dome sapphire crystal creates a hue of colour tones from amber to a deep black. I must say the radiating effect is more obvious in this example compared to the Fume Blue version. Since the Super-LumiNova C3 is more closely related to a warmer tone, visually, the whole dial just flows beautifully. The impact of an amber dial to Super-LumiNova C3 is more striking compared to a blue dial to Super-LumiNova C3.

The watch came attached with the NATO strap. This time around, only 2 extra leather straps were provided (the Fume Blue came with four extra leather straps!). Unfortunately, Evant did not provide additional buckles with the extra leather straps. This makes strap replacement a rather tedious chore as one need to also transfer the buckle apart from just putting a new strap.

I noticed when I got my hands on the Bronze Finale, it weighs heavier compared to the Fume Blue. This is not unexpected as bronze is generally 10% denser than steel (CuSn8: 541.00 lb/cubic foot versus 316L: 494.21 lb/cubic foot).

The bezel, crown, buckle and strap follower are also made out of CuSn8 bronze. Their dimensions and functionality is similar to the stainless Fume Blue model.

Limited Edition, Pricing & Delivery

The Bronze Finale model has a rather smaller production run of just 100 examples compared to 300 for the Fume Blue model. Pricing wise, Evant set it at USD529 per unit compared to USD599 for the Fume Blue. Surprised that the pricing was done this way; there should be a premium on the Bronze Finale considering the materials used and the smaller limited production run. When I got the watch, the local exchange rate was RM2,250.28.

I was allocated number 74 out of 100 examples.

I got the watch via Gnomon Watches of Singapore. It was a clean and efficient service with the support of DHL. No hidden costs at all.

The Wearing Experience

The Bronze Finale is top heavy. The lighter the strap, the more important for you to have it buckled tight to your wrist lest it flops about. It is also important to take note that due care have to be exercised when putting it on the wrist or when taking it off the wrist. Due to the unbalanced weight, it is possible that the watch could slip from your grasp if you are not careful.

Unfortunately, wearing the watch tight on the wrist with the NATO strap is not that comfortable. The metal parts of the strap tend to bit into the skin. Over time, you would get use to it. If you prefer a quick fix, replacing the NATO with the leather strap will definitely solve this issue. If you do decide to get one, I suggest you put in a special request to Gnomon Watches to make the switch prior to delivery. This will save you a lot of work doing the strap replacement yourself (note that you would also need to transfer the buckle as well).

The watch looks really regal on the wrist. Currently, it looks like rose gold and I must say, it does appear to be more expensive than it really is. I shun gold coloured watches. My original intention is to get the watch only due to the material used and not as a watch to wear. However, after getting my hands on it, it actually looks very wearable.

Below is a video of the watch on my wrist.


I must say that the Bronze Finale by Evant is a very beautiful dive watch. The simplicity of design and the use of exotic material and rich colours make a potent combination that exponentially increases the perceived value way above the actual asking price by the Company.

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