Friday, July 14, 2017

Putting on the Replacement Strap for my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011

Since my unfortunate rubber strap malfunction on my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011 last year (see:, I finally got the opportunity to put on the replacement strap that I ordered from Seiko. This particular strap (Reference R01X011M9) is usually paired with the latest iteration of the Emperor Tuna, the SBDX013. Instead of rubber, it is made out of silicone. Read my previous posting on this strap:

Replacing the strap to the watch was easy due to the pass-through lug holes.

Unlike the previous rubber-based strap, the silicone strap has a non-slip pattern on the underside of the the strap for better grip on the skin especially when wet.

It also much more pliable and softer on the skin. I find the rubber version tend to rub uncomfortably over my skin whereas the silicone version is silky smooth (relatively speaking).

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