Friday, May 12, 2017

Life Hack: Making a Solar Cabinet Drawer – Safe, Secure & Neat, A Review

Once you start to collect solar powered watches, a problem of maintaining sufficient amount of charge in the batteries becomes apparent. If can wear them all often, this may not be a problem but if this is not possible, is there a solution? Yes, you can leave it out on the dressing table to absorb any kinds of light, natural or artificial but this opens up another problem: security of the watches when you are away from home.

You can put it under the sun but the effects of UV rays on dials, non-metallic materials and painted surfaces would be damaging in the long run.

A rather simple solution is to create a watch cabinet with artificial light. Although there are countless ways of making a really proper “solar cabinet”, I’ve decided to re-purpose an existing drawer with a light bulb.

I chose a drawer with an all white interior (reflects light) and hard surface (likelihood of catching fire is lower). I use an old wire connected to a plug on one end and a bulb adapter on the other end. Using an energy saving bulb (don’t use incandescent bulb – you only want the light not the heat) you get a very cheap “solar cabinet” to put all your solar powered watches neatly and securely.

You need only to switch on the lights for 8 hours in a day and in a couple of sessions all your solar watches would be charged.

Th glow looks cool too.

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