Friday, February 10, 2017

Face to Face Comparison: The Citizen NY0040 200m Promaster Diver versus Citizen NY2300-09G 200m Diver - The flashy versus the Sedated

The Citizen NY0040 200m Promaster Diver and the Citizen NY2300-09G 200m Diver are two iconic dive watch designs by the Citizen Watch Company. Both were designed as professional dive watches catering to scuba divers within a 200 meter diving limit. However, there are some peculiarities in the watches that gives an advantage (or disadvantage) to one watch over the other. I will attempt to summarise the differences so that you, the readers, can be better informed to make the right choice based on your own specific requirements.

First let us go through the basic specifications of the watches. These two watches have standard 3-hands with day and date complications located at the 3 o’clock position. Both have 20 mm lugs with unidirectional bezels. The NY2300 is 39 mm wide while the NY0040 is 42 mm wide. Case material is stainless steel and married with rubber straps. Case back is solid and is a screw-down. These watches are powered by an automatic Miyota 8200 series movement. For more, do visit the full review written earlier: NY0040 and NY2300.

The most obvious departure of design between these two watches is the crown location. The NY0040 is located at the 8 o’clock position while the NY2300 is located at the more traditional 3 o’clock position. I find the 8 o’clock position to be more advantages if you wear your watch on your right hand. This would allow you to manipulate the crown with your left hand. However, a note of caution; if you want to adjust your watch, it is advisable to take it of your wrist first before attempting to manipulate the crown. Keeping the watch on your wrist during this exercise may cause you to exert undue pressure on the crown shaft and cause it to bend.

As a leftie (wearing one’s watch on the left hand), I find the NY0040 to be slightly bothersome when it comes to adjusting the time. Always get confuse when adjusting time and trying to screw-down the crown back to lock position. Apart from these issues, having the crown at 8 o’clock does not impact on the wearing experience at all.

Another obvious difference between the two watches is how the luminous paint is applied. For the NY2300, it is applied on the hands and the markers like most typical watches. However, for the NY0040, the luminous paint is applied on the dial itself. Due to this method of applying the luminous paint, the NY0040 is more eye-catching on the wrist. If you prefer a non-flashy timepiece, this is not the watch for you. Nevertheless, the amount of luminous paint use does make it very useful in the dark.

Having said that, and looking at my wearing habits over the years, I wear the NY2300 more than I do the NY0040. I can trace the reason of the preference for the NY2300 to the crown location.

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