Thursday, December 21, 2017

Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Finale Limited Edition 100 – The Simplicity of Design, Use of Exotic Material and Rich Colours are Potent Combination that Increases the Perceived Value, A Review (plus Video)

This is the second time this year that I decided to get another watch from Evant Timepieces. This time, the clincher is the material used - marine grade bronze, CuSn8. This bronze alloy is regarded as the industry standard as it can be used in salt water with virtually no signs of corrosion. Moreover, the CuSn8 alloy is the most expensive bronze material due to the high copper content of 92% while the rest is tin. This combination gives the bronze alloy a warm rose gold-like colour. Over time, the watch will start to show signs of patina.

The Evant Tropic Diver Bronze Finale is very much similar to the Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue (see: which I got earlier this year. The only thing differences are the material used for the watch casing, the dial colour and the additional leather straps provided. As such, in this review, I will only cover what is different and the wearing experience. Below is a snapshot of the watch specifications.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Seiko PROSPEX Diver Scuba GIUGIARO DESIGN Limited Edition SBEE001 (Similar to SBEE002) – A Good Conversational Starter, A Review (plus Video)

I have been eyeing a GIUGIARO DESIGN watch from Seiko for a long time. The first that caught my eyes was the timepieces from the Alien movie remake; the Seiko chronographs “RIPLEY” and "BISHOP" models. Both are sold under Seiko’s SPIRIT product line. The next collaboration that was offered came under the form of the 'Motorcycle' series, also under the same product line. In recent years, GIUGIARO DESIGN has started to make models under the ASTRON and PROSPEX product lines as well.

The Seiko PROSPEX GIUGIARO DESIGN Limited Edition Diver SBEE001 is the first by the design house that has come into the collection. I got it via Gnomon Watches (Singapore) for a price of USD349.00 (MYR1,479.87). The listed price in Japan is YEN43,200 (including taxes).

The sister to the SBEE001 is the SBEE002 which has gold-toned steel with gold dial. This particular model retails at YEN48,600 (including taxes). Apart from the colour, both models are similar in design and specifications. I personally prefer the SBEE001 over the SBEE002.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

SEIKO Automatic PRESAGE SARX055 Titanium - All the bits and pieces to make it feel special yet at a price point that does not break the bank, A Review (plus Video)

The Seiko Presage SARX055 Titanium is the latest model by Seiko to come out from the Presage line. A dress watch design, the SARX055 has some of the qualities that mirror the more refined Grand Seiko line of watches. I was very intrigued by the white paper-like dial surface which has some semblance to the famous Grand Seiko 'Snowflake'.

I desired to get the watch through when I saw it being listed (I was lucky as a few days after the listing, the website announced that the stocks had sold out). The listed price was YEN140,400 (including tax) or USD1,248.16 (based on the the exchange rate on 21 November 2017) but the merchant sold it at USD1,058 or MYR4,623.97. Adding the import tax of a further MYR296.50, total cost came out to MYR4,920.47.

The watch is made out of titanium with the super-hard proprietary surface coating by Seiko called DiaShield. It has been said that it has the hardness of 2 to 3 times stronger than stainless steel. This provides the necessary hardness to the titanium surface to protect it from scratches from normal wear. Meanwhile, the dial is protected by sapphire crystal with super-clear coating surface for anti-reflective and anti-smudging qualities. The display case-back is also protected with the same crystal material.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Participating Gift from Seiko for the Seiko Prospex Challenge 2017 - Waterproof Bags

I participated in the Seiko Prospex Challenge 2017 by submitting two entries last week. I was pleasantly surprised to receive two gifts from Seiko Malaysia. The gifts were waterproof bags.

Monday, November 13, 2017

OMG Moment: Seiko SKX009K1 Automatic Professional Diver 200M Rubber Strap Disintegration – Replaced with a NATO Strap

My Seiko SKX009K1 rubber strap disintegrated on me. Not suprising as a couple of my other watches with rubber straps have failed this year (Emperor Tuna, BR Diver). Instead of getting a replacement from Seiko, I've decided to replace it with an OEM NATO strap instead (since I got a lot of them lying around the house).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SEIKO Prospex 200M Diver Automatic SBDC053 (SPB053) – A Dress Diving Watch, A Review (plus Video)

During Baselworld 2017, Seiko launched a few modern interpretation of its famous iconic dive watch, the 62MAS. The closest to the original, the SLA017 (SBDX019) uses Seiko’s top of the range movement and materials. Seikoholics and fans gave it a five star rating and practically all examples (only 2000 pieces were made available) have been taken up. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky one and the review on that piece can be found here (Review of my SLA017/SBDX019).

The only downside of the SLA017 (SBDX019) was the limited number available as well as the high price set for it. Nevertheless, as to not disappoint the legions of Seiko fans, the Company came out with two examples with more modern re-edition or interpretation of the 62MAS and sold at a more reasonable price range.

The all bracelet model with matte black dial is the SBDC051 (SPB051) and the silicon strap sunburst blue dial SBDC053 (SPB053) . The listed price in Japan is YEN378,000, YEN108,000 and YEN86,400, respectively (as at 1 November 2017). When compared to the price of the SLA017 (SBDX019), the other two models are much cheaper. Like the SLA017 (SBDX019), these two models are also flying off the shelves due to surge in demand. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Seiko Prospex Plastic File Folder - Accessories

I recently given this plastic file folder from Seiko with images from its Prospex line of watches. The back of the file has the history of Seiko Prospex dive watches. Anyone wants to guess how much it costs?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Seiko Recraft Series Automatic Green Watch SNKP27 (Similar to SNKP23, SNKP25) - Welcome Home Beautiful, A Review (plus Video)

An interesting series coming out of Seiko's factories is the "Recraft" line. These are modern watches with vintage design cues at an affordable price point. Akin to a Seiko 5 series but not necessarily so. I believe Seiko found that the current level of quality required of a Seiko 5 with the 4R winding and hacking movement will require them to price it to a level that would not make Seiko 5s the 'cheap value-for-money' watches it used to be.

To solve the affordability issue, Seiko created the 'Recraft' line that firmly puts the brand in the hands of the masses. I have collected a number of watches under this more affordable line and they are truly value-for-money works of art.

The latest into the collection is the SNKP27. This is a square shaped watch which is seldom seen in the realm of Seiko. It has a MSRP of USD275. Made out of stainless steel, it is 40 mm horizontally and 46 mm vertically. It also has a thickness of 12 mm thick. Lug width is 22 mm. The watch is paired with a leather strap with a signed buckle.

Powered by Seiko legendary 7S26 caliber workhorse, it creates a package that is hard to beat when it comes to capabilities at such a low price point.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Seiko Miniature Display Diver Air Tank

I received this cute miniature display diver air tank made out of solid 316L stainless steel from my favorite Seiko AD. It would appear that the item is machined out of a solid block of steel. Heavy piece that can double up as a paper weight.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Solar Titanium Multi-Sensor SBEB013 (Similar to SBEB015, SBEB017, SBEB019, SBEB035 & SBEB037) – A Good Start Against Established Competitors, A Review (plus Video)

The Seiko Prospex Alpinist SBEB013 is my first solar, digital display and ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass) watch from the Seiko family. It is also the third ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass) multi-sensor watch in my collection. I already have the Casio Protrek as well as the Tissot T-Touch. It would be interesting to note the differences in functionality as well as capabilities of the various makes. I will make such a comparison in a special box section later in this review.

It is difficult to get an example of this watch in Kuala Lumpur as Seiko does not officially offer this model here in Malaysia. Through the internet, via Amazon, I was able to source one from a merchant operating out of Japan. Within a week, the package was on my table.

The Packaging

The SBEB013 comes with a quality double cardboard box package. The outer box uses a thinner cardboard material painted in black with the brand logo as well as the Prospex logo on the top of the box in silver. The dimension of the outer box is 12 cm by 9 cm by 8 cm. Inside this box contains the main watch box as well as the manual, warranty and a special instruction booklet on how to resize the bracelet. Included also is a tool for the bracelet resizing. This is a first time I’ve seen Seiko give a resizing tool as part of the presentation package.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Seiko Post-It Holder

I got this piece from my favorite Seiko AD. It is a nice wooden holder for Post-It notes as well as multiple coloured sticky tabs.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wine Glass by Grand Seiko

A few years ago I bought a limited edition Grand Seiko, the SBGE033 from a road show and the AD was nice enough to also give me a gift with the purchase.

It turned out to be a pair of wine glasses from Seiko with the Grand Seiko brand sandblasted onto the glass surface.

On it are three blue glass bubbles which I can't quite understand the significant of it. Tried searching it on the internet but nothing came out of the search. If anyone has any information, feel free to put it in the comment section below.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Seiko Presage Enamel Automatic SPB049J1 Watch (Part of the SRQ023J1, SPB045J1 & SPB047J1 Series) – A Fine Dress Watch With Great Value, A Review (plus Video)

Seiko marked the 60th anniversary of its first automatic watch with a pair of limited edition chronographs in 2016. One has an enamel dial while the other has an Urushi lacquer dial. The clincher was not the styling (which was appealing to a lot of people) but more on the pricing. Compared to Swiss made watches with enamel dial or lacquer dial, the price was unbelievably low and the series sold out swiftly.

Seiko has decided to bring back the enamel dial concept in a new series for 2017. This time around, it is not a limited edition series. This gives hope to many fans of their change to get their hands on at least one. Under the Presage line, this new series have four types of watches that make up part of the regular collection. The styling takes its cue from two historical Seiko timepieces; (below, left) the Laurel wristwatch of 1913 which was Seiko’s and Japan’s first ever wrist watch with an enamel dial and (below, right) the Time Keeper pocket watch of 1895 which utilizes a distinctive font for the Roman numeral hour markers.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue Limited Edition 300 – A Handsome Watch, A Review (plus Video)

For the last couple of years, I have been exploring new independent boutique brands that offer designs that are refreshing with a fairer price point. Generally, watch prices are getting ridiculously high. Some of my favorite brands have been getting expensive. Unfortunately, the increase in price is not a reflection of new designs or materials but due simply to supply and demand.

One boutique brand that I have my eyes on is Evant. This is an extremely young watch brand. It was created in December 2015 by a group of watch enthusiasts as highlighted on the website: Apart from this tidbit, nothing about their country of origin or the people behind the brand was mentioned. More about this later.

The Evant Tropic Diver Fume Blue Limited Edition 300 is the third offering by this Company. The first two, Tropic Diver 300 Limited Edition 150 and Tropic Diver 300 Vintage Limited Edition 150, were well received by the market and was quickly sold out. It turns out that the Tropic Diver series closely resembles a dive watch from Breguet that was produced in limited numbers on 1965 called the No. 1646. Although I should have just said that it is homage to the Breguet No. 1646, this linkage was in fact made by watch bloggers and not officially from Evant itself.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017J1 or SBDX019 (homage to the 1965 Seiko 62MAS Ref. 6217-8000/1 Diver) – A Legend and an Excellent Get-And-Go Watch for any Occasions, A Review (plus Video)

I must say the Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017J1 has been one of the most, if not the most exciting release from Seiko in my opinion. As an ardent Seiko fan, the 1965 Seiko 62MAS (autoMAtic Selfdater) Ref. 6217-8000/1 Diver was the definitive Japanese dive watch to which all dive watches from Seiko (or even from other brands) owes their genesis to. To date, the Seiko 62MAS is a collector’s timepiece that has the least likelihood of being traded away once it is in a collection. As such, this vintage is very rare in the wild for collectors to hunt down. Those available are generally not in mint condition and have a lifetime of abuse heaped on them. Despite needing a lot of restoration work (a major headache not many collectors are willing to stomach), the prices of the ‘relics’ are still pretty high.

Do note that quite a number of “Seiko 62MAS” out on sale with ‘reasonable’ prices are not originals but Frankenstein models with newer movements, dials, bezels, crystals, hands, and even crowns.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Putting on the Replacement Strap for my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011

Since my unfortunate rubber strap malfunction on my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011 last year (see:, I finally got the opportunity to put on the replacement strap that I ordered from Seiko. This particular strap (Reference R01X011M9) is usually paired with the latest iteration of the Emperor Tuna, the SBDX013. Instead of rubber, it is made out of silicone. Read my previous posting on this strap:

Replacing the strap to the watch was easy due to the pass-through lug holes.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Orient Manual Winding 21 Jewel Power Reserve Pocket Watch CDD00001W/DD00001W “Epoch” (similar to CDD00002W/DD00002W) – Traditional, A Review

I used to have a pocket watch a very long-time ago. I guess, I was just a pre-teen when I got it from a holiday trip in Europe. The thing I remembered about it was that it was gold plated and it had a cover for the dial. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what happened to it. After more then 30 years has lapsed and I was in a position to rekindle the love affair I had with a pocket watch.

Nevertheless, I realized my taste in the style of pocket watches has changed. Instead of the garish gold-plated variety with ornate embossed images on the metal surfaces, I am now more into clean lines and plainness. I am also into quality and pedigree which is hard to come by when it comes to pocket watches.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CITIZEN INDEPENDENT Mechanical Watch INNOVATIVE 20th Anniversary Model Reference BJ3-411-91 – Just A Fashion Watch, A Review (plus Video)

Of the three mainstream Japanese watch brands, Citizen’s mechanical line is not as extensive as Seiko’s or Orient’s. They are also not as readily available outside Japan as compared to the other two brands. The sub- brands of Citizen are even rarer compared to the sub-brands of Seiko and Orient such as the Seiko 5 or Orient M-Force. One that is seldom seen is the Citizen INDEPENDENT sub-brand.

The INDEPENDENT celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016. This sub-brand in known to adopt lifestyle or fashion watch designs in its offerings. Collaborations with famous artists in practically all branches of the art world from music to fashion, animation and games has created a brand collection that is eclectic to say the least. Unfortunately, the INDEPENDENT is a JDM line and any literature found on this line is limited and mostly in Japanese. Even in Wikipedia, the only sentence worth mentioning is; “Watches produced through the Independent label are generally released through seasonal collections.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 (or SARY073) ‘Cocktail Time’ Dark Blue (Similar to SRPB43J1/SARY075, SRPB44J1/SARY076 and SRPB46J1/SARY078) – A Classy Dress Watch, A Review (plus Video)

One of the many famous designs by Seiko is the “Cocktail Time” watch series. It was launched a few years ago based in conjunction with the renowned Japanese bartender, Ishigaki Shinobu. Sold only in Japan, it is a series of dress watch with a deeply sunburst-textured dial and box crystal. Seiko fan went wild over this series as it exudes style and sophistication at an unbelievable low price. In 2017, Seiko has decided to reintroduce this series to the global market with the launch of the latest “Cocktail Time” under the Presage banner.

Strictly speaking there are two subsets of the new Presage Cocktail Time, each with 4 different options. The first subset has just a date aperture while the second subset has a sub-dial for the date and a power reserve indicator. The first subset goes under the “SRPB” coding while the second subset goes under the “SSA” coding.

My interest is the simpler SRPB models and what caught my eyes is the SRPB41J1 with a dark blue sunburst-textured dial and bracelet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Seiko 5 Sports "Fifty Five Fathoms" SNZH53J1 - The Perfect Beater Watch, A Review (plus Video)

My hunt for iconic watches continues.

People used to say, “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery”. However, in the business world, it is shunned as it carries some negative implication to branding. The SNZH53J1 is one such product from Seiko that could fall into this trap but did not. This is its story….

Arguably, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms is the first dedicated diving watch. It was designed to cater for the needs of the French military. First released in 1953, it preceded the famed Rolex Submariner by a few months. The various specifications were not unique on their own but collectively, have never been aggregated into one package. The requirements such as unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate diving time, bold large markers for easy of reading, illumination on the markers for underwater and low light condition usage, water resistant up to fifty fathoms (or 91 meters/100 yards), automatic movement and anti-magnetic frame to protect watch from disturbance with military equipment makes the Fifty Fathoms the first progeny of a new watch genre.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Casio G-Shock Black Out Basic Series GX-56BB-1DR – A Brute with Limited Flexibility, A Review (plus Video)

The Casio G-Shock series have been around since 1983 and have a very strong cult following due to its ability to withstand battering. Despite being a watch collector that tends to collect watches with significant contribution to the world of horology, I have yet gotten a G-Shock in collection thus far. However, today a new chapter has dawned and the collection has a new member in the form of the Casio G-Shock Black Out Basic Series GX-56BB-1DR.

The GX series are typically called the “King of G-Shock" models. These are the biggest G-Shocks ever produced by Casio. The company launched the first back in 2010. It has the classic 5600 G-Shock design but in a size that is close to twice the size. The over-sized design is its call to fame. Unfortunately, for some people, the size could be a bit overwhelming.

I got the watch from the Watch Style of Mid Valley Megamall. The MSRP was RM809 (with GST). I was able to get it for RM680. Although I believe I could get it cheaper elsewhere, I still decided to get it from this brick and mortar shop due to the personal service rendered.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Life Hack: Making a Solar Cabinet Drawer – Safe, Secure & Neat, A Review

Once you start to collect solar powered watches, a problem of maintaining sufficient amount of charge in the batteries becomes apparent. If can wear them all often, this may not be a problem but if this is not possible, is there a solution? Yes, you can leave it out on the dressing table to absorb any kinds of light, natural or artificial but this opens up another problem: security of the watches when you are away from home.

You can put it under the sun but the effects of UV rays on dials, non-metallic materials and painted surfaces would be damaging in the long run.

A rather simple solution is to create a watch cabinet with artificial light. Although there are countless ways of making a really proper “solar cabinet”, I’ve decided to re-purpose an existing drawer with a light bulb.

Friday, May 5, 2017

SeiyaJapan Original Watch Automatic A167-A (Dial Type A) – Simple Yet Complete, A Review (plus Video)

When Seiya-san of SeiyaJapan started the project of creating his own version of a military watch back in early 2016, I followed with interest the development via his Instagram account. With the design specification finalized in the first half of 2016, production commenced and the first complete examples were ready for sale by the end of the year.

I took my time and finally I made the decision to get one. There are two models to choose from. The Type A and the Type B. The former is more traditional in the hands and dial design while the latter has a contemporary design. I chose the Type A or officially known as the SeiyaJapan Original Watch Automatic A167-A.

The reason I chose the Type A is because I believe this is Seiya-san’s favorite design. Based on his blog postings, he often brought up the subject of vintage military watches from bygone eras. He spends a lot of time researching and writing about these watches which has a similar design to the Type A. Although I am just making an assumption, all indications seem to point to that fact. If Seiya-san is reading this blog, do drop a comment on this at the end of the posting.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Replacement Strap for my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011 direct from Japan: Reference R01X011M9 - So Expensive

I got my replacement strap for my Seiko Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011 direct from Japan. This particular strap is usually paired with the latest iteration of the Emperor Tuna SBDX013. Instead of rubber, it is made out of silicone which should give it more durability. Read my previous posting on the event that forced me to get this item:

The metal parts are all made out of titanium.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Dual Time White Dial SBXB047 (SSE047) Titanium with Ceramic Bezel Watch – Excellent timepiece with real world applications, A Review (plus Video)

After the Astron was re-launched back in 2012, I finally got myself an Astron for the collection. The delay in getting one was due to the fear factor I get with new technologies – will they actually work? Moreover, when the first batches of Astrons with the 7X Series Calibers installed were on sale, there were a number of issues highlighted by owners. Predominantly, problems surrounding the power usage and the lack of battery capacity were reported. These feedbacks from consumers prompted Seiko to redesigned the GPS module and come out with the latest 8X Series Calibers which eliminated issues that were brought out.

Before we go straight into the review, it would be good to clear up the reference codes used for this series. The Astron is a Made-In-Japan watch line. However, it is not strictly defined as a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) as it is sold globally. Nevertheless, in true Japanese manufacturing quirkiness, this series has been earmarked with the “SBXB” code when in Japan while the rest of the World has been allotted the “SSE” code. The numerical part of the overall reference code remains the same. Therefore SBXB047 is in fact the SSE047.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09K1 Limited Edition – Its simplicity is its strength, A Review (plus Video)

Seiko has re-crafted another of its iconic designs of yesteryear – the Samurai.

The original Samurai was launched back in March 2004. However, the production run was only a few years. Within those few years, only a few dial colours either in stainless steel or titanium were offered. For reasons that still remain murky to this day, the Samurai suddenly reached cult status which caused prices at the pre-owned market to sky-rocket.

My interest in this particular model is just to complete my collection of iconic models under Seiko. When it was announced in late 2016 of a limited run of just 6,000 units will be made available to the public, I had my doubts whether I could get my hands on one. Considering the extensive fan base for Seiko watches in Asia as well as the rest of the world, plus the fact that the watch will be at a price point that is very affordable to the vast majority (MSRP is USD550 in the US or RM2,427.40 in Malaysia), it would fly out of stores as quickly as lightning.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bonia Silver Tourbillon Cuff Links Ref: PBNG0015 - Utulising a mechanical watch movement balance wheel module to celebrate the beauty of horology, A Review (plus Video)

Back in June 2016, I acquired this set of cuff links from a shop in Mid Valley. What caught my eyes was the horological theme designed directly into the fashion accessory. Made by Bonia, a fashion house from Malaysia, it utulises a mechanical watch movement balance wheel module to celebrate the beauty of horology.

Monday, February 20, 2017

ORIENT Automatic MAKO II (or 2) Diver FAA02002D9 (similar to FAA02001B9) – The watch wears well, the size is just nice as to not overwhelm any wrists, A Review (plus Video)

Finally, an Orient MAKO 2 in the bag. I have been searching this model for some time and finally I got it. It will make a fine edition to my earlier MAKO 1 and MAKO XL.

I got this watch at Solar Time in Mid Valley. The MSRP is RM1,100 but I was able to get it for RM770. Quite pleased with the acquisition at it means my MAKO collection is currently up-to-date.

The specific model that I got is the FAA02002D9, the blue dial and bezel version (the other option available is the FAA02001B9 with the dial and bezel in black). This is the latest iteration of the MAKO 2 launched in mid 2016. This latest version comes with a new Cal. F6922 in-house movement with winding and hacking capabilities (more about this later).

Friday, February 10, 2017

Face to Face Comparison: The Citizen NY0040 200m Promaster Diver versus Citizen NY2300-09G 200m Diver - The flashy versus the Sedated

The Citizen NY0040 200m Promaster Diver and the Citizen NY2300-09G 200m Diver are two iconic dive watch designs by the Citizen Watch Company. Both were designed as professional dive watches catering to scuba divers within a 200 meter diving limit. However, there are some peculiarities in the watches that gives an advantage (or disadvantage) to one watch over the other. I will attempt to summarise the differences so that you, the readers, can be better informed to make the right choice based on your own specific requirements.

Monday, January 23, 2017

SEIKO 5 Sports 100M Retro Automatic Open Heart SSA327K1 (similar to SSA329K1, SSA331K1, SSA333K1 & SSA335K1) – A Flexible Watch, A Review (plus Video)

This Seiko 5 Sports 100M Retro Automatic Open Heart SSA327K1 is the latest model in a new series just recently launched by the Seiko Watch Company. It has the similar shape to the famous Seiko Pogue with the thick turtle case with a concave lug well and the tachymeter style bezel markings. Apart from these similarities, the watch is so much different from the icon. Seiko’s designers heard the fans asking for a reissue of the Pogue and has somewhat come halfway to meet the appeal.

This model is a simple three handed watch without any other complications. The unique design incorporated into this model is the open-heart cut through the dial that allows a direct view of the spinning balance wheel and hairspring. Apart from this, the watch also incorporated some bold paint design on the dial.

This watch is made out of stainless steel including the bracelet. It measures 44.5 mm across with a height of 13 mm. Lug width is 22 mm and the lug-to-lug length is 50 mm. The watch has a combination of brushed as well as polished surfaces. The dial is covered by Hardlex crystal and so is the display case-back. The fixed bezel is thin and is marked with minute markers. There are also Arabic numbers for the first 15 minutes and every 5 minutes thereafter. The bezel is painted in two tones, the first for the first 15 minutes and the second for the rest of the bezel.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seiko 5 Sports Men Automatic Watch SRPA89K1 Green Carbon Dial Limited Edition (Similar to SRPA87K1, SRPA91K1 & SRPA93K1) – An outdoors timepiece. The use of carbon fibre is refreshing but Seiko must look into the pricing issue as it starts to sit uncomfortably with consumers, A Review (plus Video)

I love watches with green in them. I was drawn to that colour as far as I can remember. Without fail, I will always used green in all my art projects when I was in school. Up to this point, I have collected 10 watches in green. This Seiko 5 Sports SRPA89K1 will be 11th green watch.

This watch is the latest in a series of limited edition Seiko 5 Sports watches issued by Seiko. It is important to note that “limited edition” in this context is more like a limited production run. Seiko does not set a limit in the number of production but instead limit the production window in its factories. Since no official word from the brand about this particular series, it is extremely difficult to gauge how many examples will be out there. Hence, the best advice for budding collectors is not to buy it due to the ‘limited edition’ classification but purely on whether it appeals to you.

This watch appeals to me because of a few factors. The first is the turtle shaped casing. Compared to the traditional round casing, a turtle shaped casing sits better on a wrist. The angle of the casing to the wrist has a natural incline that facilitate it from snagging into shirt cuffs. It also effortlessly reduce the size effect as our eyes automatically focuses on the smaller dial compared to the bigger floor plate of the casing itself. The second is the symmetrical dial design. The watch has a date complication. Instead of putting anywhere else, the Seiko designers placed the date aperture at the 6 o’clock position. This makes the displays on the dial symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. The third is the carbon fibre weave pattern on the dial. Made from carbon fibre, the pattern on the dial has a 3D look with a sense of depth and glossiness. The fourth is the short downward curving lugs. It has the tendency to make the large watch sits better on the wrist when compared to standard straight lugs. If you have a wrist circumference of 6.5 inches, a typical watch of this size with standard lugs will have an overhang over your wrist. However, the overhang is minimised by the shorter and curved lugs. Combined with the two-toned Nato strap, the watch looks visually refreshing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Seiko Presage SARW025 (or SPB041J1) – A great design, with reliable and efficient movement and nice finishing, this watch has the recipe of success written all over it, A Review (Plus Video)

The Seiko Presage SARW025 was launched in time for the 60th anniversary of Seiko’s first ever automatic mechanical movement. This dress watch is a JDM model with the reference SARW025 (Japan market reference) or SPB041J1 (international market reference).

I am fortunate that I was able to source the watch here in Malaysia. The MSRP here is RM4,144.60 (inclusive of GST). However, I was able to get it for RM2,950. After comparing with internet merchants and taking into consideration the current volatility in foreign exchange rates, it was actually a good deal (MSRP in Japan YEN97,200 (with tax) or RM3,700; MSRP in Europe EUR900 (without tax) or RM4,208 @22 December 2016).

If anyone is wondering why I am getting this watch, it is because of it formal nature, the dial colour as well as the movement. As highlighted in my earlier postings, I am drawn to formal or dress watches after years of coveting dive and sport watches. I am also into white dial watches. Also, I don’t have in my collection a watch with the 6R27 movement.

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