Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Charging a SEIKO Kinetic using a Braun tootbrush induction charger

I have two Seiko Kinetic watches that I seldom wear (Seiko Kinetic SKA475P1 and Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT SUN019P1). Letting the energy deplete completely in the capacitor could weaken it in the long run. Hence, it is best practice to always keep it charged.

Unfortunately, this is the bane of Seiko Kinetics. Without the owner wearing the watch, it will not get charged.

Seiko does have a dedicated charger. However, this charger is only sold to its dealers (in Malaysia that is). Nevertheless, it can be found on eBay although at a very exorbitant price. This got me thinking of another way to get the same result.

Actually there are a lot of threads in watch forums about this issue. One of the suggestion was to substitute the Seiko induction charger with another less expensive alternative. The Braun toothbrush induction charger was a prime candidate.

I got one at a shop and immediately started experimenting on my Seiko Kinetic.

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