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Seiko 5 Sport 100M SNZG09K1 Military Watch - A Value For Money Piece Of Machinery That Can Handle Any Situation, A Review & Videos

Back in July 2011, I purchased the Seiko 5 Sport 100M SNZG09K1 from a local internet vendor. This particular model is a military style automatic by Seiko with green nylon strap. It uses the 23 jewel self-winding mechanical caliber 7S36B movement.

The case is 41 mm without the crown. Like all Seiko 5s, it has a day and date function. The case is stainless steel.

The dial is green with Arabic numbering and indexes. There are three references available on the dial. The outside is an index reference for every minute. Every 5th minute is a major index while the rest is minor. The middle reference is Arabic while the inner reference is also Arabic but starts from 13 to 24.

There is a red pointer on the seconds hand.

Seiko has added its proprietary luminous paint - LumiBrite - on the hands and main markers for great visibility.

To protect the dial, this watch has the hardlex crystal for superior scratch-resistance.

The watch comes with a display case back also out of hardlex crystal. Through the crystal, one can appreciate the 7S36B movement from Seiko. This movement is a non-winding and non-hacking design. The rotor is also not decorated.

To power up the main spring, one only need to shake the watch a few times to transfer some kinetic energy as potential energy into the spring.

The crown is a push-in crown. There are three positions. The first is the locking position which does not do anything. The second position allows the adjustment for the day and date; clockwise changes the day, counter-clockwise changes the date. The final position allows the adjustment for time.

This watch has a water rating of 10 ATM or 100 meters.

The green canvas strap is proprietary to Seiko. Similar in colour to the dial, it helps compliment and reinforce the military aspect of the watch. From the photo above, you can see that the strap is dual layered and thick. The width is 20 mm.

Comfortable to wear and looks the part.

The buckle side is interesting. The holes are protected by a strip of leather. This minimises the potential of the holes getting frayed from constant use.

The LumiBrite used is bright. Even in partial sunlight, you can see the strength of the paint.

Below are a couple of video on the watch. The first is a video of the movement of the seconds hand.

The next is a video of the balance wheel movement of the 7S36B caliber.

This watch is very cheap to purchase and is a real value for money. The accuracy is sufficient and it looks nice on the wrist in whatever situation.

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