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Orient M-Force Diving Sports Automatic WV0021 - A Hardy, Value-For-Money Watch With Multiple Credentials; A Review

As a brand, Orient is not that well known outside the Western world. Unknown to a lot of people, this is one of the few brands in the world that has been making their own in-house movements for many years. Previously independent, the Orient Watch Company Ltd of Japan was established on 13 July 1950 and is now part of the Seiko Group. Nevertheless, Orient remains independent when it comes to design of their watches as well as their in-house movements.

The Orient M-Force Diving Sports Automatic watch that I got from Japan came with the reference number WV0021. It is also goes with a few other references such as SEL03001D or EL03001D, depending where in the world you source it from.  It has the following characteristics.

It is a 200m diver’s watch that is ISO 6425 compliant and comes with features like second-hand hacking and handwind movement, shock absorption enabled by a special structure, sapphire crystal and power reserve indicator. Apart from being certified to be ISO 6425 diver's watch compliant, the watch is also ISO 764 antimagnetic watch compliant and ISO 1413 shock-resistant watch compliant.

Honestly, this is the only watch I know that publicly mentioned the standards it is certified under. The boldness of Orient to publicly put this model through the rigors of a number of standards shows how confident they are with their design. To top it all, it can be done is a very nice package.

The watch is of stainless steel with case diameter of 46 mm. The thickness of watch case is 13.3 mm. The bezel has a 3-dimensional design to it where the black insert is enclosed within a stainless steel structure. This gives it a very tool-like appearance. The bezel incorporates a 60-click unidirectional gradation with a luminous pip at the 12 o'clock position.

The dimensions does require a sensibly sized wrist to properly wear it. When matched with the right wrist, the watch looks awesome.

The dial utilises a large set of indexes that is lumed. The hour- and minute-hands are also lumed. The second-hand is red in colour and lumed at the tip. There is a date window at the 9 o'clock position that is position just beside the 9 o'clock index. The power reserve indicator is at the 1 o'clock position but it not lumed.

Most of Orient's watches have some form of power reserve indicator on the dial. This is one complication that I personally feel every watch maker of mechanical timepieces should incorporate in their designs.

Orient has also decided not to replace one of the index for the date window. Its sister company, Seiko, as well as a number of other watch makers tend to do that. Aesthetically, such a design reduce clutter on the dial but practically, when one really needs to use the index at night, a missing index is distracting. In the lume shot of the watch which I took below, the dial looks complete. Another plus point for Orient. 

The lume is bright and glows green in the dark. Here you are able to see all the indexes, the three hands and the pip on the bezel. As the lume paint has been generously applied, the illumination does last for some time.

The crown of the watch is situated at the 4 o'clock position of the watch. A large screw-down piece and is signed with the Orient logo. A red band around the crown provides a visual cue for users when screwing the crown back into the case. If the red band is above the protective shroud, the crown in unscrewed; below the protective shroud, the crown is secured and the watch is ready for diving.

The M-force diver has a nice case design that incorporates brushed and polished finishing on both sides as well as unique lug shape fits the crown like a glove. Disengaging the lug pins is also easy as lug holes are available for direct access (see below).

The case-back of the watch is very plain. Instead of a unique image etched on it, what one finds is just the brand and model name plus a small logo in the center. Basic information about the watch is etched around the perimeter of the case-back.

The watch comes with a solid oyster style bracelet with folding clasp with push button lock and catch. Lug width is 23 mm.

It doesn’t have solid end links but does come with a pair of large spring bars. While the metal bracelet is technically simple, it is wide and relatively thin with a comfortable feel. The M-Force however has a more traditional triple-locking fold-over clasp. This high level of reliability gives it a folding latch as well as a push-button release.

The design of the clasp does make it look like a "Decepticon" doesn't it?

Inside the M-Force is the Orient designed and manufactured caliber 40N5A automatic movement. The movement features automatic and hand-winding capabilities. It has a second-hand stopping function and operates on a 21,600 VPH. There are 22 jewels in the movement.

What I like about the movement is the near instantaneous start from a full discharge situation. The 'magic lever' design in an Orient movement allows it to transfer kinetic energy to the main springs almost immediately and this helps the watch starts much quicker than a comparable Swiss movement such as an ETA 2824.

The M-Force is a best value-for-money. Not only is it a certified divers' watch, it is also a certified antimagnetic as well as as shock-resistance watch. It has a functional feel about it that makes it look and feel hardy.

Orient designers understood the needs of the users and have incorporate that in their design.

If ever you want a practical dive watch built to global best practices and standards, just visit an Orient dealer and have a go at an M-Force.

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  1. Hi Meor, just do u like this watch so far? Any complain? I'm eyeing on this M Force model SEL03005Y0. :)My comment was meant for this watch, not the other "red" Orient. Sorry about that.

    1. Hi,
      The grouse I have is the clasp. Due to the size (big), it tend to bite my skin. Otherwise, an excellent watch.


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