Thursday, August 13, 2015

Comparison between various Seiko Prospex divers - Thickness, wearing comfort, etc.

I have decided to see which one of my Seiko Prospex automatic divers would win the best wearable watch for a typical gentleman, subject to certain constraints. The rules are: Each watch will be compared against a stated requirement and a score will be given. No watch shall share the same score in each section. The watch that collates the highest score wins.

The reference factors that a typical gentleman possesses are as follows:
  1. A good proportion of the time of a day is spent in the office, in a formal environment;
  2. The only common sporting activity would be some time on a treadmill or jogging;
  3. The common social event will be meeting up with friends in restaurants, parties, movie theaters and clubs; and
  4. Typical wrist circumference of 7 inches.  
The sections that we will compare the watches will be: (1) weight, (2) bulkiness, (3) comfortableness, and (4) wrist presence.
    The watches competing for this title are:

    Thursday, August 6, 2015

    Seiko Perspex Marinemaster 1000m Hi-Beat SBEX001G Titanium Limited Edition (or SBEX001) - A true showcase of Seiko’s 50th year in the dive watch field, A Review

    When Seiko introduced the Seiko Perspex Marinemaster 1000m Hi-Beat SBEX001G Titanium Limited Edition piece in March 2015 during Baselworld2015, I was mesmerized. A lot of innovative features were incorporated into this watch. Although its dimensions appear very formidable, I immediately got the 'have-to-have-it' feeling.

    Key specifications of the watch are as follows: The watch face has a diameter measuring 48.2 mm (excluding crown). The watch case has a thickness of 19.7 mm. Made out from a single piece of titanium block, access to the internals only via the front of the watch. The machinery is the top-of-the-line Hi-Beat movement from Seiko. Water rating at 1,000 meters without the need of a helium escape valve mechanism. More details about all these later.

    Since its introduction back in March 2015, I have been patiently waiting for Seiko to commence delivery. The watch is finally available for purchase. Unfortunately, there is a catch to this watch. For all its infinite wisdom, Seiko decided to make it a limited edition piece with a production run of just 700 specimens. This means the price would be a premium and very scarce to find.

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