Monday, January 5, 2015

My watch collection rules: The methodology I use as a collector

A lot of you may be wondering what is the methodology I use to manage my watch collection. It is not purely eclectic in nature (In the initial stages it was. The exuberance of being new to the hobby). There are a number of rules I follow. These are:

Movement Type (Part 1)

Generally there are only two major types of movements currently available now; pure mechanical or natural powered and electrical powered. Personally, I like mechanical watches much more than electrically powered ones. In my collection, although the bulk is mechanical, I do have some electrical examples. I do have some electrical examples because of certain technologies they posses. For example, Seiko's Kinetic technology or Citizen's Eco-drive technology. Click on the title to see the full explanation. 

Category Type (Part 2)

I classify watches into six categories: (1) dress watches; (2) diving watches; (3) sports watches; (4) chronograph watches; (5) dual time watches; and (6) specialty watches. Do note that this is my own classification. You may want to follow the more commonly accepted definitions or you may want to create your own.
Click on the title to see the full explanation. 

Material Type (Part 3)

Under this rule I have five categories: (1) Stainless steel; (2) Titanium; (3) Precious metals – Platinum, Silver; (4) Other base metals – bronze, brass, Aluminum; and (5) Plastic watches. I only collect watches made out these materials. Click on the title to see the full explanation. 



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