Friday, October 3, 2014

Seiko Retro Classic Automatic Watch SNKM97K1 - Reinterpretation of an iconic design. Some shortcomings but made up in terms of cost and style, A Review

Recently, Seiko started to reproduce some of its vintage designs from its 1960s automatic collection for the current market. Powering the watches is the iconic 7S series automatic movements.

One particular model that was chosen for the reproduction (with some modern adjustments) has been given the name the Seiko Retro Classic Automatic Watch SNKM97K1 which has the retro-looking cushion shaped casing and a brilliant green dial. When I laid my eyes on it, I quickly fell in love.

Sourcing from my supplier from Kuching, I was able to get one for just RM540. Retail price for this unit is RM675. After making the necessary payment and paperwork, the package was delivered on my desk well within 24 hours.

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